Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Red-Tailed Hawks Live Web Cam


May 6 Update – We have a nestling! The first egg hatched early on the morning of May 4. This is a great view of the new nestling and Big Red (female) leaving the nest as Ezra (male) takes over for a while. And one more has hatched since Monday! Check out the live feed below this video to see if you can catch a glimpse of the siblings.

Cornell’s most watched Red-tailed Hawks, Big Red and Ezra, have returned to begin breeding! Big Red has laid three eggs in her clutch; the first on March 23, the second March 31 and the last on on April 3. For the last three years, there have been three eggs in their clutch, so this may be the last one. Check back often to watch as the hawks take care of their nest, the eggs, hunt for food, and eventually care for their young!

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