Fall is Clean Feeder Time

Fall is Clean Feeder Time

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It’s hard to believe after these past few hot weeks, but the onset of cold weather is right around the corner. Winter is a difficult time for birds, and finding food can be challenging especially after a heavy snowfall. That means now is the time to get our feeders in tip top shape since this is when our feeders encounter the most activity!

A clean feeder is critical in preventing the spread of diseases among our backyard birds. It is also important to keep the area under your feeders clean. Periodically raking up seed husks or uneaten seed beneath your feeder will prevent mold or bacteria from growing.

Did you know bird diseases are easily transmitted from one bird to another on or near feeding stations?

The most common disease is Salmonellosis. It is caused by bacteria and begins as an intestinal-tract infection which eventually leads to death.

Other common diseases include the following:

Trichomoniasis: A parasite, causing birds to develop sores in their throat and mouth, making them unable to swallow, eventually causing death.


Aspergillosis: A fungal infection that harbors in damp or wet seed mixtures. Birds inhale the spores into their lungs and air sacs. This causes pneumonia and bronchitis, eventually leading to death.


Avian Pox: A viral disease which causes lesions on the feet, legs, eyelids, beak and mouths of birds. Fortunately, most birds do recover from this virus.


House Finch Disease: Conjunctivitis which causes red, swollen, runny or crusty eyes but is primarily a respiratory infection. Some birds do recover but many die from starvation, exposure or predation.

During the month of September, you can bring your feeders to Wild About Birds, and we will clean them for you!  Click here for more details!

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