squirrel go round

Squirrel Go-Round Medallion. Featuring new decorative cast aluminum garden medallion. Twirling motion diverts squirrels attention from other local feeders. Corn cobs attach to 5 threaded metal skewers. Hardware included for fast mounting to tree, post or deck.

Item# – 263 (HF75560)

Price – $22.99

adirondack chair squirrel

Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder. Entertaining feeder for squirrels. Place away from bird feeders to distract squirrels. Easily mounts to solid posts with a screw. Corn cob easily screws on through cob core.

Item# – 3270 (HIATT50116)

Price – $19.99

porch swing squirrel

The Porch Swing Squirrel Feeder is an entertaining feeder for squirrels. By placing feeder at least 15 feet away from bird feeders and bird seed, the Porch Swing Squirrel Feeder deters squirrels from bird products. Feeder holds 3 corn cobs. Place corn on the spokes through the cob core. Hang the feeder from any hook or hanger and watch the squirrels swing as they eat the corn. The Porch Swing Squirrel Feeder is constructed of steel and has a durable powder-coated finish that will last season after season.

Item# – 3271 (HIATT50118)

Price – $24.99

Recycled Plastic Munch Box
Recycled Plastic Munch Box

Birds Choice – Recycled Plastic Munch Box.  Squirrels like to eat too! Keep squirrels off of your bird feeders by offering them easy-access food away from where the birds eat. This box is built for squirrel food. The squirrel lifts the lid to eat. Can be mounted on a tree, pole or deck.

5/8″ Recycled Poly-lumber feeder made from recycled plastic and milk jugs; lifetime guarantee to never crack, split or fade. Taupe base w/green roof. Made in USA.

  • Clear plexy insert
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Thick, heavy-duty acrylic panels
  • Aluminum, rust resistant continuous hinges
  • Clear plexy insert
  • Comes with mounting screws


Item# – 268 (SNSQ)

Price – $41.99



Squngee Deluxe
Squngee Deluxe

Songbird Essentials  – Squngee Deluxe

The Squngee Squirrel Feeder offers hours of entertainment! Watch as a squirrel jumps on the corn, then as they hold on to the cob and the spring, their weight causes them to bounce and swing back and forth and up and down approximately 12 to 18 inches while pulling out kernels. The Squngee features a strong metal wire with two eyebolts for corn cobs. An upper portion of the cord features a tight spring, covered in fabric to protect squirrels’ toes. The construction features weather and squirrel tooth proof metal that will last for years to come. The Squngee Deluxe bungee-jumping Squirrel Feeder offers hours of squirrel acrobatics season after season.


Item# – 265 (SESQUNGEE)

Price – $16.99



Squirrel Jar Feeder
Squirrel Jar Feeder

Songbird Essentials  – Squirrel Jar Feeder

Squirrel Jar Feeder. This you’ve got to see! Treat your furry friends while protecting their peanuts from the elements and marauding jays. You’ll enjoy the view of fur in a jar. Opening for squirrel to enter through is 4 inches wide.


Item# – 1808 (SESCS412)

Price – $49.99

Recycled Plastic Munch N View
Recycled Plastic Munch N View

 Songbird Essentials – Recycled Plastic Munch N View

Treat your furry friends while protecting their peanuts, and other treats you feed, from the elements and marauding jays. Now available made of eco-friendly recycled plastic made to last easy to clean and disinfect!


Item# – 3354 (SERUBMNV)

Price – $41.99

Squirrel Feeder on 18" Chain
Squirrel Feeder on 18″ Chain

Erva – 18″ Chain

18” long chain with 4” screw eye that easily inserts into an ear of corn. An inexpensive deterrent solution that routes squirrels away from feeders and expensive bird seed.


Item# – 267 (CORN)

Price – $4.99

Corn Ring
Corn Ring

14″ Diameter ring with nail to hold an ear of corn – or a variety of fruit! Hanging hook at the top.

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