Do you ever wonder what type of seed different birds seek and like? Are there certain birds you’d like to attract to your yard, but just not sure how? Wild About Birds carries an incredibly wide variety of high quality, always-fresh seeds for most every bird in our region. The comprehensive list below is sure to contain the perfect seed varieties for your yard. After you find the one that’s right for your backyard birds, stop by and join our Seed Saver Program for bird food discounts and more!



Backyard Bird Mix

Our most popular backyard blend concocted by our former Wild About Birds owner Peggie Flierl!  It is perfect for all songbirds!  Contains black oil sunflower seed, sunflower chips, white millet, and peanut pieces.




Circle Shell Free Mix


Shell Free Mix

Waste free & high in protein and energy.  Shell free seed won’t sprout! Perfect for decks and patios.








Premium Black Oil Sunflower Seed

High in fat, protein & fiber. A definite favorite that will attract a diverse mix of backyard birds. You simply can’t go wrong with our black oil sunflower seed!







Cardinal Mix

A mix of black oil sunflower seed & safflower seeds.  Very high in fat, protein & fiber & also perfect for tube feeders; all the birds love it!







Critter Snack

Black Oil sunflower seed, whole corn, peanut splits, striped sunflower, and peanuts-in-the-shell; perfect for squirrels, and all the other critters that gather in your yard!






Ear Corn

Non-GMO.  Offer ear corn to the squirrels in your backyard and MAYBE they’ll leave the birdfeeders alone!






Peanut Splits

A great source of protein during the cold winter months. Woodpeckers, titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, & blue jays love these.  Even some insect eating birds enjoy the peanut splits!




Circle Nyjer seed


Nyjer Seed (Not Thistle  )

One of our most popular seeds. It originates from the African yellow daisy (Guizotia Abyssinica), has a very high oil content & is high in calories. Goldfinches love this imported, sterilized seed that will not sprout in your yard.  It must be used in special tube feeders!



Circle Safflower seed


Safflower Seed

A white seed, high in protein, fat & fiber enjoyed by cardinals, nuthatches, titmice & black-capped chickadees. Most blackbirds, squirrels & raccoons do not like this seed due to its bitter flavor. It is great in any feeder!




circle sunflower chips


Sunflower Chips

Hulled, nutritional and ready to eat, sunflower chips leave no mess on your deck or patio & won’t sprout in your garden.  Loved by almost all backyard birds.  Even ground feeders such as robins, mockingbirds, & catbirds enjoy the chips.




circle  woodpecker favorite


Woodpecker Favorite

A yummy food for our beloved woodpeckers.  Chock full of peanut splits, sunflower chips, suet nuggets, raisins, cranberries, rendered beef suet & shelled pumpkin seeds.




circle cracked corn


Cracked Corn

Kernels of corn that are dried and cracked into small pieces loaded with protein and fiber. Enjoyed by wild turkeys, juncos, house sparrows & mallards. Please note: We do not use cracked corn in any of our bird seed blends.




circle peanuts in shell


Peanuts in the Shell

A high source of protein and fat.  Enjoyed by crows, woodpeckers & blue jays to name a few.  They can also be scattered on the ground to keep the squirrels off your feeders.




circle white millet


White Millet

An inexpensive meal that provides essential nutrients. A favorite for doves, juncos, towhees & cardinals!




circle hot salsa chips


Hot Salsa Chips

Sunflower Chips and Cayenne Pepper.  Enjoyed by your backyard birds but not by squirrels or other backyard critters!




circle finch favorite


Finch Favorite

A definite favorite of the American Goldfinches!! A mix of Nyjer Seed and Fine Sunflower Chips




circle fine sunflower ships


Fine Sunflower Chips

The meat of the sunflower seed.  It is a zero waste, all natural seed with a high oil content.  Enjoyed by finches, cardinals, songbirds, Carolina wrens, woodpeckers and other backyard birds!




Seasonal Blends

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – We also have special blends of seeds, nuts, dried fruit & bits of suet depending on the season.